Bring The Beauty Salon To Your Living Room With These Smart Online Services

With the UK currently in lockdown and the government making it clear that beauty salons must close for the foreseeable future, many of us are having to maintain beauty routines such as regular fringe trims and removing gel nails ourselves.

While bare nails and split ends are probably the least of your worries currently, there’s no denying that keeping up a beauty regime has the power to make us feel a little more put together, especially during a time of uncertainty and when many people are working from home.

You don’t have to go it alone entirely, as some of our favourite beauty experts are entering the digisphere and setting up shop online. From BLEACH London to Pfeffer Sal, salons and clinics are offering access to live DIY colouring tutorials, speedy at-home facials and skin consultations to name a few services, and the best part is that you can log on from your living room.

Ahead, find nine of the best virtual beauty services worth adding to your digital calendar.


Cleverly coined ‘self-dye-solating’, BLEACH London has launched a Hair Party Series on its website, which is essentially a digital salon for those who are in need of a colour refresh or just want to switch up their look.

Hosted by ultra talented BLEACH creative director, Alex Brownsell, visitors will first enter the live chat and be prompted to select a colour. It isn’t one size fits all, though, as each session is tailored specifically to your hair type and colour history. You’ll then be granted access to an online stylist who will recommend colour bundles, which not only act as a ticket to the party but allow you to follow an exclusive step-by-step colouring routine, so you don’t have to go it alone.

Brilliantly, this isn’t a one-off and BLEACH will be around for regular online colouring events where 20 of the salon’s stylists will also be on board to serve up advice. The salon will make a donation to NHS Charities Together, too.Photo Courtesy of Bleach.

Pfeffer Sal

Regarded by editors and influencers alike as one of the very best skincare clinics in London, Pfeffer Sal has launched four online facial treatments.

The Online Skin MOT hooks you up with a therapist who will guide you through a digital skin analysis and create a regime tailored specifically to your skin’s needs and concerns. Priced at £50, the 30-minute consultation is jam-packed with a personalised treatment plan complete with product recommendations, a simple at-home routine to follow post-call and easy lifestyle tweaks.

If you miss that post-treatment glow, learning facial massage is a great shout. Hosted by a therapist, this 20-minute session includes either gua sha, stimulating, lymphatic or reflexology massage depending on what your skin requires.

There is also an option to Spring Clean Your Routine, which whittles down your skincare drawer to make sure you get the most out of your favourite products (it also includes a simple at-home facial using what you already have), and the 30-minute At-Home Guided Facial Packs to help you put together a mini weekly treatment. A therapist is also on hand to offer you tips and tricks.Photo courtesy of Pfeffer Sal.

Hari’s Salon

Chelsea-based hair salon Hari’s has unveiled its Hair Helpline, a digital consultation service which consists of a 15-minute appointment via WhatsApp. Whether you want to tone down brassiness, sort out your roots or learn to master a blow-dry in your spare time, anyone can book in with a stylist or colourist for £25, even if you haven’t been to the salon before. The fee is redeemable in salon when you book any service. Just email [email protected] to book your virtual appointment.Photo courtesy of Hari’s Salon.

Debbie Thomas

D.Thomas Clinic is renowned in the beauty industry for top-notch laser treatments, microneedling and glow-boosting facials. While laser treatments are out of the question right now and at-home microneedling isn’t recommended by dermatologists, emailing [email protected] will put you in touch with a member of the team who will be able to guide you through an online skin consultation. Experts behind the service specialise in managing inflammation, pigmentation, redness and many other skin concerns, and will offer stellar advice until you’re able to book in. Photo Courtesy of Debbie Thomas.

My Beauty Brand

If you’re using your time at home to hone your makeup skills like winged eyeliner, cut creases and faux freckles, MyBeautyBrand will help you get there. Think of it as a virtual makeup artist service with its very own beauty store, By.Me. Flick through countless makeup looks dreamt up by makeup lovers all over the UK and shop the products there and then.
Photo Courtesy of MyBeautyBrand.

Karine Jackson Hair

If your blonde is going brassy or you’re not too keen on embracing your greys, hairdresser Karine Jackson is on hand to provide professional colour advice in case of emergencies. All you need to do is email a picture of your hair and exactly what you want from your colour, and Karine will handpick the most suitable shade. She has teamed up with Organic Colour Systems, which will then dispatch your chosen hair colour from its warehouse. It takes the guesswork out of buying a box dye yourself. Photo courtesy of Karine Jackson Hair.

West Room Aesthetics by Dija Ayodele

Dija Ayodele, skin expert and founder of the Black Skin Directory, recently opened her first skin clinic, West Room Aesthetics. Specialising in skin of colour, she’s taking treatments online via a series of webinars to discuss frequently asked questions in regards to hyperpigmentation, how to build a solid skincare routine and the best way to nail DIY treatments at home depending on your skin concerns. Each masterclass will last for 30 minutes and costs just £35. Photo courtesy of West Room Aesthetics.


If you’re feeling anxious or stressed, Hackney’s re:lax studio may offer some respite thanks to its list of soothing, holistic guided treatments, which you can do in the comfort of your own bedroom. Therapist Katie White is on hand for virtual skin consultations where no stone is left unturned, including your current skincare routine and lifestyle choices. The clinic also specialises in Chinese tradition gua sha: using a smooth, flat jade tool to massage the face, instantly de-puffing and invigorating dull, lacklustre skin. Online workshops cost £45 for a 60-minute session. Photo Courtesy of Re:lax

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