I Can’t Believe Actress Caity Lotz Frothed Egg Whites for Her DIY Tequila Cocktail

From Cosmopolitan

I think we all got to that point in quarantine where we just started going off and trying out new, truly absurd meals and drinks for sh*ts and giggles, right? Welp, this was also true for Mad Men actress Caity Lotz, who mixed tequila and oat milk AND frothed egg whites…? Yeeeah, I was just as concerned too.

With the help of her gorgeous bartender Beezlee (aka her precious floof), she gathered some booze to see which one she wanted to turn into an actual drink. Between the wine, vodka, and tequila, she went with the tequiqui. Smart woman you are, Caity.

Then she grabbed a glass and poured in the tequila. For the rest of the ingredients, she used: eggs, lemon, strawberry-kiwi-flavored Emergen-C, and oat milk. Definitely would not drink this cocktail at an actual bar, but since most of them are closed and I’m stuck at home? Yep!

After the tequila, she added in the packet of Emergen-C, followed up with a good amount of oat milk and some lemon juice up in there. Afterward, in a separate cup, she decided to use some egg whites and just fully went forth and frothed those bbs. “Yummy,” as the Biebs would say.

She then topped the bev with the frothed egg whites before frothing the pink drink as a whole for good measure. Yep, that’s a lot of froth. 😅

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