The 75 Best Mother’s Day Gifts on Amazon, from $7 to $360

Mom, she’s just like us. Mostly because she enjoys nothing more than giving (OK, and also receiving) a thoughtful present. Since we really want to nail it this year—and we’re admittedly already feeling stumped—we rounded up 75 of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas on Amazon. Add them to your cart before you forget.

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This easy-to-use jewelry cleaner stick will make her diamonds look so sparkly, everyone will think they’re brand-new.

$7 at Amazon

Like 60 mini facials in one convenient tub.

$12 at Amazon

She can fill it with 12 ounces of water and then collapse it when she needs to make room in her bag.

$20 at Amazon

It’s about time mom learned how to DIY a lymphatic drainage massage.

$10 at Amazon

Just add a bottle of pure maple syrup.

$40 at Amazon

For the mom who loves Sephora but also raves about Marie Kondo.

$14 at Amazon

It’s more than a hair tool; it will buy her an extra hour in the morning.

$57 at Amazon

Yes, it also carries cash.

$15 at Amazon

She might even let you borrow them for wedding season.

$90 at Amazon

An essential oil diffuser? Or a piece of art? It’s actually both.

$119 at Amazon

This light system will help her fall asleep naturally (no melatonin required).

$60 at Amazon

This sleek, space-saving design will fit on her nightstand and look chic whether or not it’s in use.

$38 at Amazon

Add a plant she can’t kill (and don’t forget to print out care instructions for her new green baby).

$18 at Amazon

Just be prepared to discuss the benefits of acupressure at any and all family gatherings.

$20 at Amazon

Gift this with a jar of soothing lavender bath salts—and remind her that she can, indeed, bring a glass of wine into the tub.

$30 at Amazon

She would never buy herself a fancy pen, but she’d definitely put one to good use.

$22 at Amazon

So cute, Mom will keep this on display next to her orchids.

$20 at Amazon

She’ll appreciate the big screen while online shopping in bed.

$360 at Amazon

If she already likes green tea, she’ll love this matcha set.

$60 at Amazon

Scrapbooking just got way more efficient.

$100 at Amazon

There’s no better gift than relaxation.

$56 at Amazon

To rehydrate overly washed hands.

$29 at Amazon

Yoga teachers highly recommend this mat for its no-slip grip.

$40 at Amazon

For catching zzz’s without bedhead (because the silk strap won’t crease her blowout).

$50 at Amazon

Just watch her reaction as she unwraps a new Le Creuset.

$230 at Amazon

A chic mum deserves chic sleepwear.

$118 at Amazon

Because sometimes she really just needs to tune Dad out.

$60 at Amazon

A multifaceted electric kettle for a multifaceted woman.

$149 at Amazon

For floors so clean she could eat off them (without so much as lifting a finger).

$269 at Amazon

Admit it, you don’t tell her enough.

$10 at Amazon

She’ll be the talk of the break room with this lunch bowl.

$38 at Amazon

A necklace Mom will want to wear every day, whether it’s her initial or her first grandchild’s.

$212 at Amazon

So she can turn Tuesday into spa day. 

$30 at Amazon

Don’t be surprised if she wears them to walk the dog too.

$24 at Amazon

Chiseled cheekbones, coming right up.

$19 at Amazon

Aka her new housecoat.

$66 at Amazon

She can tie it around her neck, hair, purse handle or wrist—the style options are endless.

$58 at Amazon

The nicest way to stop her complaints about frizzies.

$16 at Amazon

Enable her sustainability efforts (and her coffee addiction).

$26 at Amazon

No explanation necessary.

From $25 at Amazon

So much more hydrating than the foaming cleanser she’s used to.

$64 at Amazon

Marathon season is coming up!

$120 at Amazon

Known to make a $13 bottle of sauvignon blanc look infinitely more expensive.

$24 at Amazon

And if she doesn’t finish that bottle of sauv, one of these cute stoppers will preserve it for another night.

$48 at Amazon

No one does laundry as well as Mom.

$60 at Amazon

She’ll think of you every time she looks down.

$42 at Amazon

Just add popcorn and a Disney+ subscription.

$30 at Amazon

Small enough to fit into a tiny crossbody.

$98 at Amazon

Order yourself a pair while you’re at it.

$40 at Amazon

Give her the go-ahead to do nothing for 10 to 20 minutes.

$14 at Amazon

If Mom tosses and turns, a few spritzes before bed will promote restful sleep.

$55 at Amazon

She’ll no longer have to lug a small library on vacation.

$130 at Amazon

Fresh basil pesto, coming right up.

$99 at Amazon

The coolest (and most detailed) way to discover her family’s history.

$199 at Amazon

Chic Chelsea boot styling and a matte black finish are sure to make her rainy days way better.

$55 at Amazon

She taught you how to wash your face—now teach her the modern way.

$119 at Amazon

She can jot things down in this notebook and save notes directly to the cloud. It’s just like magic.

$24 at Amazon

Instant gratification but with a retro twist.

$107 at Amazon

No more hauling giant cases of seltzer home from the grocery store.

$150 at Amazon

This travel bag folds down to practically nothing, so she always has extra room for souvenirs.

$39 at Amazon

Because she rarely gets around to drinking her morning coffee before it gets cold.

$80 at Amazon

Pasta dinner party, mandatory…

$45 at Amazon

…But start with charcuterie.

$60 at Amazon

Barista-level lattes from the comfort of her own kitchen.

$10 at Amazon

Journaling will become her new nightly ritual.

$10 at Amazon

Her slicing skills are about to reach Ina Garten–level perfection.

$40 at Amazon

Like a robe she can wear to work.

$166 at Amazon

For jet-setting moms who aren’t afraid of the middle seat.

$30 at Amazon

Happy hour for your face—with absolutely no hangover.

$27 at Amazon

A Lululemon-like fit, at less than half the price. Seriously—the 7,500 reviews say so.

$28 at Amazon

Offill’s third book is one of The New York Times Book Review’s ten best books of the year, and we bet Mom won’t be able to put it down.

$18 at Amazon

Have everyone in the family add a recipe before wrapping it with a bow.

$35 at Amazon

She might even look forward to this more than her 8 p.m. glass of malbec.

$50 at Amazon

The cutest (and hardest to kill) of all the houseplants.

$24 at Amazon

This is luxury.

$26 at Amazon

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