West Vancouver’s oldest residence spared from demolition

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“A whole lot of the (Indigenous) tales we hear aim on the pre-speak to tales,” she explained. “While I think all those are vitally important, I think that the heritage of Indigenous people today through colonial eras is also actually important.

“If Indigenous men and women were operating in the metropolis and could not get places to remain or rest at, they would keep the night time at this home, the Navvy Jack residence. It was just about like a refuge in a way.

“Navvy Jack also hired a good deal of Indigenous folks. I assume it’s essential to understand that narrative as effectively.”

VANCOUVER, BC  August 6/04  NAVVY JACK house at 1768 Argyle in the oldest home on the north shore was built in 1873 but looks very modern.  For initiative story by John Mackie. (ian lindsay/Vancouver Sun) [PNG Merlin Archive]
The Navvy dwelling at 1768 Argyle in West Vancouver. This photo is from 2004. Image by ian lindsay /Vancouver Sun

John “Navvy Jack” Thomas was born in Wales, and arrived to colonial British Columbia all through the 1859 Gold Rush. The heritage by the Navvy Jack Residence Citizen Team reported he started off the initially ferry provider throughout Burrard Inlet in 1866.

A couple of several years later, he commenced hauling “clean-river washed gravel” from the mouth of the Capilano River “to design websites across the Inlet.” That gravel is however known as navvyjack in the building market.

In 1872, he crafted a residence on a 160-acre house on the West Van waterfront, married Row-i-a and experienced four young children. Their daughter, Amy, was the mother of actor Main Dan George.

Just after his dying, his house was owned by a further outstanding West Vancouverite, John Lawson. The house is now in the middle of John Lawson Park in Ambleside.

Heritage pro Don Luxton did an unpublished report on the home in 2017, and claimed “the unique making is nevertheless there, in the middle of a complete bunch of genuinely lousy afterwards additions.”

He stated restoring the property to the 1907 model, when it was about 2,100 sq. ft., ought to be reasonably straight-forward.

“It’s complicated at the extremely starting of a restoration undertaking to figure out exact costs, due to the fact there are so several unknowns,” he mentioned.

“However, the Navvy Jack property is a quite straight-ahead wood-body building with no challenging development. The reconstruction of some of the structural elements may possibly need some treatment and notice, but there is very little in the home that is challenging or complicated that need to make prices amazing.”

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